• A Rose Whose History is Mysterious Yet Captivates Many

    Looking further into the history of Ward al Taifi, we began to realize the many myths and beliefs surrounding this rose. The tantalizing, seductive scent of Ward al Taifi provides a euphoric state of mind that no other scent can give.
    It has never been completely clear as to how the 30 petal Damask Rose appeared in Taif, however she has lived a flourishing existence atop the hills of Taif, Saudi Arabia.
    The Taif Rose is a sort of Damascus, there happens to be several variances of Damask Rose whose ties go back to Bulgaria and Turkey. However, with that being the case, there are still a few major key differences separating these roses:

       As the Damask Rose is known for its deep and intensive fragrance in the West, the Taif Rose is known by the same properties in the Arabian World yet boasts an even more intense fragrance than her sisters’.

       The myths and beliefs surrounding the Taif Rose create a mystical and reverent following amongst those who have been fortunate in coming into contact with such emanation.

       The Taif Rose has been noted for many uses, which more notably has gained a wider following due to her aphrodisiacal properties.

    This rose is like no other. She shines brilliantly and vibrantly throughout the crowd of her sisters, directly demanding her attention and respect. A rose which women fall in love with and men become mystified by her aroma, it’s not hard to understand why she, Ward al Taifi, truly stands alone.
    There are many stories surrounding the Taif Rose but the end result yields two things: This rose is truly exceptional in her own right and she keeps us mystified by her not so clear background. Maybe it’s time for us to no longer ponder her humble beginnings, because at this present moment she seems to be making her way throughout many lands while continually captivating those noses which make their way to her essence. 

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