Mamul Awsaf

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A very rich and enticing bakhoor incense. Place a small amount of this Arabian fragrance on a charcoal and fill your home with its exotic; woody fragrance. With hints of Jasmin and Lavender, this incense is truly a sensational mukhalaat bakhoor.

Uses of Arabian bakhoor:

Scent your home
Before special gatherings (e.g. weddings, parties, etc.)
As a gesture of hospitality
For creating a romantic atmosphere
Rid your home of cigarette smoke or unwanted smells from cooking.
Boost your positive energy and motivate creativity.

How to use Arabian bakhoor:

Place a charcoal disc on a Mabkhara (Oudh Burner) or any safe anti-burn container/plate, until it glows.
Once the coal has been lit, place a small piece(s) of bakhoor on the charcoal.
Let the smoky fragrance fill the air. It is not necessary to open any windows. As the smoke saturates the area, it will begin to dissipate, leaving a wonderful bakhoor fragrance.
Use any Arabian bakhoor for your clothing by hanging items above the bakhoor. Allow the smoke to saturate your clothing for a minute or more.

*Take precaution when burning any Arabian bakhoor. Charcoal discs become extrememly hot and can cause fires, if not placed in anti-burn containers. Too much smoke can remove oxygen from the room. Please keep these items out of reach of children

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