Are you ready to experience the beauty and mystery of Arabian incense? Do you practice incense burning as part of your spirituality and meditation practice? Or are you looking simply to set the right atmosphere in your home? Then you will want to check out our gorgeous incense burners. We comb through the Gulf to hand-pick only the best Arabian products. That means you receive unique product lines with superior quality. Ready to up your incense game? Want to add a little luxury to your meditation practice? Look no further than Fragrance & Things!


Resin Mabkhara- Aqua
$ 24.99
Resin Mabkhara- Mauve
$ 24.99
Resin Mabkhara- White
$ 24.99
Resin Mabkhara- Black
$ 24.99
Ceramic Mabkhara Burner
$ 19.99

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