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Perfume Writing Pens

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Our perfume pens are the perfect balance of function and beauty. The stone exterior is gorgeously etched with designs reminiscent of Arabian beauty. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can set just the right mood with these beautiful pens.

But even more surprising is what is hidden beneath the crystal stone cap. Add your favorite essential oils or perfume oil blends and smooth the rollerball onto your skin for a lusher writing experience or a quick on-the-go freshen up of your favorite scent.

This superior writing pen is good for every kind of writing experience, from grocery lists to love letters. With the beauty of the Arabian Peninsula captured in the swirls and colors and scents of this pen, it will make even the most mundane writing task exciting!

Our unique perfume oils would work well with this pen. Simply load it into the small vessel beneath the rollerball.

Ready to get started? Add our perfume pen to your cart for an easy shopping experience. And while you’re here, check out some of our favorite scents that capture the beauty and mystery of the Middle East.


Fragrance Writing Pen- Catalina Blue
$ 39.99
Fragrance Writing Pen- Gold
$ 39.99
Fragrance Writing Pen- Maroon
$ 39.99

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