Charcoal Discs

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Size - Large

How to use charcoal discs

Use a pair of tweezers or similar to hold the charcoal disc. If you do not have this, then place the charcoal disc into the anti-burn plate. (please do not use your fingers)
Hold the flame to the edge of the charcoal disc and the charcoal disc will ignite and begin to spark across the surface.
If using tweezers, place the charcoal disc, well side up, onto your anti-burn dish. Wait approximately 1-3 mins for your charcoal disc to heat up. It will begin turning grey (ash).
Now you are ready to add your bakhoor incense to the well of the disc.

Take precaution when lighting any charcoal disc. Charcoal discs become extrememly hot and can cause fires, if not placed in anti-burn containers.Always make sure the charcoal disc is completely cold before disposing. Please keep these items out of reach of children and never leave unattended.

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