Oudh Oils

We offer an exquisite selection of quality Oudh fragrance oils. These Oudh oils have been chosen, because of their majestic-like appeal. Many of these Oudh oils are rich with various Oudh and Mukhalat (i.e. mixtures of Amber, Rose, Musk, etc.) fragrances. These Oudh fragrance oils are enjoyed by men and women alike who enjoy the woody; earthly aroma.

Mukhalat S Anfar
$ 25.69
Mukhalat al-Bader
$ 34.49
Mukhalat Oudh Amber
$ 38.79
Amber Oudh
$ 37.79
White Oudh
$ 26.49
Bidur Cambodi
$ 79.19
Oudh Mubakhar Malaki
$ 36.79
Dehan al-Oudh al-Reughe
$ 29.69
Hajar Oudh Aswad
$ 138.09

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