• Bakhoor - Why it is Loved So Much

    The oldest yet most fascinating fragrance-Bakhoor-is not formulated in airless laboratories rather comes from the bark of the trees. Bakhoor is widely used in Arab countries to fumigate the houses on special occasions like weddings or Eid. It is also a part of the tradition to pass it among guests during Majlis (Council or private place where guests are received and entertained) as a gesture of hospitality.

  • Ward al-Taifi: A Rose Amongst the Elite

    When you think about roses what tends to come to mind? Possibly the red rose you give to that special someone to show your love or the yellow rose to signify the importance of a particular friendship. Does the 30 petal pink rose, which makes its home atop the hills of Taif, come to mind? What is this pink rose I mention? Never heard of it you say. You are not alone. The recondite information on this precious rose, which has been used for essential oils, tracing back early as the 14th century, unveils her elegance and grandeur

  • Coming Soon-- Ward al-Taifi

    Ward al-Taifi (Queen of the Desert) is a living legacy walking through the sands of times. Ward al-Taifi is a sensuous noble scent. Intensive; yet tender, and of an individual beauty that bonds with the body this pure Taif Rose oil is simply delicious! Ward al-Taifi is seductive, sweet, and sophisticated. An exclusive timeless; feminine fragrance oil for those who discover uniqueness in each day!!

  • Mabkhara Burners/ Bakhoor Burners/ Oudh Burners

    We have introduced into our online inventory the Mabkhara Burner. This particular censer is found across the Arab World as well as in Turkey. The Mabkhara Burner, which traditionally was made from clay or soft stone, and also plays the role as Saudi Arabia's national emblem, has a more modern feel today, being constructed of shiny plated sheet metal. The craft of making mabakhir is practiced today primarily by artisans.

  • Coming Soon-- Hajar Aswad

    Hajar Aswad is a Middle Eastern musk fragrance oil that demands attention. As an eccentric musk oil, Hajar Aswad initial impression is acquired, with a subtle pleasantry. Once the juices begin flowing, its sweet rosy; oudh musk fragrance becomes a fun and exotic scented musk oil. Dare to be different and elevate yourself to a world of explosive and unknown sensations with this blend of amber, musk, oudh, and rose oil fragrances. Recommended for the enthusiast! \"Hajar Aswad\" means \"Black Stone\".

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