• Perfume Reformulation: Why Perfume Companies Mess with Success

    Every once in awhile International Fragrance Association (IFRA) decides that certain ingredients may act as allergens and therefore must be banned or restricted for use in commercial fragrances. IFRA's decisions are not totally erroneous. They are usually supported by some scientific research, which shows that in theory oak moss, for example, may cause allergic reaction to some people. IFRA takes into consideration this research and makes a decision whether to ban or limit the use of a certain ingredient in the name of the common good.

  • Fragrance's World

    Fragrance and Things would like to introduce to the fragrance connoisseur, the fragrance fan, and those not quite familiar with fragrances, a new blog that we envision will allow the world of fragrances to come alive and take on their own personalities. In this world, the fragrance is all that matters. In fact, the fragrance is the matter. These fragrances come from many different walks of life. They come from the Far East, from the Middle East, from Europe, and elsewhere. You will come to know and recognize these fragrances, by their names and backgrounds, their class and status, and their personalities.

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