• How Ward al-Taifi Came to Be

    Although the rose is nothing new to the fragrance world, which can be dated back to as early as the 9th century, according to al-Kindi, who was a philosopher that provided the first description of the rose petal distillation in the Middle East. What began around 330 years ago would become a phenomena that none could have imagined. Legends have it that what would become one of the most prized roses actually originated in India. Perhaps this rose, during its migration, found its way to Shiraz and Kashan.

  • Ward al-Taifi: A Rose Amongst the Elite

    When you think about roses what tends to come to mind? Possibly the red rose you give to that special someone to show your love or the yellow rose to signify the importance of a particular friendship. Does the 30 petal pink rose, which makes its home atop the hills of Taif, come to mind? What is this pink rose I mention? Never heard of it you say. You are not alone. The recondite information on this precious rose, which has been used for essential oils, tracing back early as the 14th century, unveils her elegance and grandeur

  • A Rose Whose History is Mysterious Yet Captivates Many

    Looking further into the history of Ward al Taifi, we began to realize the many myths and beliefs surrounding this rose. The tantalizing, seductive scent of Ward al Taifi provides a euphoric state of mind that no other scent can give. It has never been completely clear as to how the 30 petal Damask Rose appeared in Taif, however she has lived a flourishing existence atop the hills of Taif, Saudi Arabia.

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