• Mabkhara Burners/ Bakhoor Burners/ Oudh Burners

    We have introduced into our online inventory the Mabkhara Burner. This particular censer is found across the Arab World as well as in Turkey. 


    The Mabkhara Burner, which traditionally was made from clay or soft stone, and also plays the role as Saudi Arabia's national emblem, has a more modern feel today, being constructed of shiny plated sheet metal. The craft of making mabakhir is practiced today primarily by artisans. 


    The Mabkhara has also been the inspiration behind architect's creation of buildings that bear the resemblance of the burner, which can be found in Jeddah. 


    We believe with Fragrance and Things integrating such a historic, inspirational and iconic burner into the line of products, we’re bound to attract the attention of attar and fragrant lovers all over the world. 


    Unlike air fresheners, the Mabkhara Burner infuses your home with a lasting and fragrantly enriched aroma for hours. The Mabkhara Burner has been the aroma burning choice for families of the Middle East for centuries and it still plays a vital role in their society today. Be sure to check out the Mabkhara Burner today and bring a piece of history and the great aroma they offer into your home.

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