Agarwood Oudh- AWO2

- 89058100108002


Size - 50 grams

Cultivate a relaxing and stress-relieving environment with our Agarwood Oudh.  This rare and unique type of wood product exudes a pleasant scent that’s sweet and spicy with earthy undertones. When you burn it, the natural aroma of our pure Agarwood Oudh immerses you in Mother Nature’s gentle embrace so your mind and body can thrive!

Why you’ll love our Agarwood Oudh

Unlike fake types of Agarwood that’s pre-treated or soaked in oil, our Agarwood Oudh is purely born from the sap of the gourd tree to heal wounds on the tree trunk. As a result, the resin causes the wood molecules to change its shape and color with a fragrance that gently fills up any space.

We assure you, our Agarwood Oudh is 100% pure and natural with high resins, and are sustainably sourced from Agarwood Trees in the Ha Tinh province of Vietnam. Each tree is more than 25 years old, which makes this wood product extremely rare and highly valued. The wood grain is clear with a moderately dark color, and it’s exceptionally soft making it difficult to process for mass production. More importantly, it has a long-lasting fragrance that can last up to more than 7 hours!

If you’ve been looking to create an aromatic atmosphere in your home, our Agarwood Oudh is a natural and luxurious way of doing so! They’re 100% natural with high resins and are the best way to enjoy your favorite refreshment. Try it today!

Benefits of our Agarwood Oudh

  • Exudes a pleasant scent that’s sweet and spicy with earthy undertones
  • Relaxes the mind and promote your overall mental well being
  • Alleviates body pain and reduces inflammation
  • Natural scent that gently fills up any room and lasts more than 7+ hours
  • Made from 100% pure and natural Agarwood Trees that are 25+ years old

How to use our Agarwood Oudh

  • Heat them using charcoal tablets or an incense burner to create a holy aura that’s filled with a sweet and woody fragrance. (We recommend these incense burners)
  • Sit back, relax, and let the gentle healing fill up your room!


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