Amber Oudh

- ftao-100


Size - 6ml

Amber Oudh has a rich and spicy aura that transports the wearer to an enchanted state of mind where pure emotion meets blissful sensuality. Amber Oudh is an oudh fragrance oil that is a very attractive and sensual oudh oil fragrance that is preferred by many. Charm your company with this sensational oudh oil.


muchisimas gracias por el envio, aparte de ser muy buenos perfumes, estoy muy contento por la rapidez del envio ademas me gusto mucho las muestras que me mandaron, sin duda volvere a comprar cuando se me gasten lo perfumes que me enviaron. Gracias y hasta pronto.

-- d. elkarim --

I must say, they came right on time and I have used the Amber Oudh already. It is the most intriguing scent I have ever smelled. I absolutely love it. I found your site by accident, but I am so very glad I did. Thanks a million!

-- Kim Hairston --

I just received this sample and believe it`s absolutely enchanting. I am purchasing the full size right away.

-- Maria --

I love this oil because it is a proven oudh blend that has a dramatic effect on all that have the pleasure having encountered it. I gave up alcohol based cologne years ago and have since become a purveyor of fine imported oils. I would put this blend up against any oil, cologne or perfume known to man. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am, to come to your website only to find that you are out of stock. I only wish I could stay in the house until I am able to get a fresh supply. Your fan forever

-- Wilhelm Bonnette --

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