- ftzrk-5200


Size - 12ml

Stepping out this evening? Step out with Zahratul-Khaleej. Confidence is a surety as you mesmerize those you come in contact with. The very hint of this sensual musk fragrance oil is enough to have you spellbound as you search to recapture its essence. This intriguing oil musk fragrance is as lively as freshly squeezed lemons; with a douse of lime. Zahratul-Khaleej is a fragrance perfume oil that is as alluring as the scent encountered by flowers covered in rain; hence it meaning..."Flower of the Gulf". Zahratul-Khaleej is definitely a heart-breaker! This musk fragrance oil is truly in a class of its own. There are a combination of notes that make up this fresh, clean, floral, and woodsy oil musk perfume fragrance. This "SUPER" Zahratul-Khaleej is more potent, longer lasting, and contains more musk than the ordinary Zahratul-Khaleej.


After a long time I found this website for true fragrence Oil. "Zehratul Khaleej" is a very good perfume. To me it feels like feminine, warm, for winter and fall seasons, not too strong.

-- Mohammed Asim --

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