Ward al-Misk

- ftwm-1844


Size - 6ml

Ward al-Misk is a sensational fragrance perfume oil that is lightly musk scented, enveloped with rose petals. Wearing this Arabian fragrance perfume oil invokes thoughts of strolling through a rose garden, in the early morning, when the morning dew and the scent of roses fill the air. The freshness, delicateness and sweetness of everything in a rose is captured in this perfume oil. Ward al-Misk is a perfect seduction.


REVIEW: I went to a Muslim wedding a year ago. While standing among the guest I suddenly caught the aroma of an amazing scent...something that I have never encountered before. I had to find out what that was that I just experienced. I followed the overwhelmingly beautiful and sensual sent to a lovely lady. Because i was so seduced by the small I had no alternative but to intrude. I complimented her on her perfume and asked where she found it. She said she bought it in Palestine. could I find this? I started searching and during this quest I found Fragrance & Things. I made my first purchase for my wife which included about 4 fragrances. I have made other orders since then. Captivating, alluring, sensual, expressive and amazing...all words that I think off when these amazing scents cross my path. Great Job F&T...we love it!

-- Paul Larson --

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